Next generation

Our Mission

To deliver innovative and effective solutions to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

Our Vision

To be the leading end-to-end phage company, at the forefront of innovation

The Challenge

Antimicrobial Resistance

10 Million People

By 2050, 10 million people a year could die from MDR bacterial diseases.

A Global Threat

AMR is one of the top 10 global public health threats facing humanity.

The Solution


Bacteriophages (phage), infect and replicate within bacteria. 

They consist of genetic material encased in a protein coat and play a crucial role in controlling bacterial populations by injecting their genetic material into bacteria, causing them to produce more phages.


Our Approach

End-to-end phage solutions

End-to-end phage solutions, backed by the highest standards of scientific excellence, with patient safety and wellbeing at its heart.
Applying our innovative technology and expertise we’re committed to harnessing the sustainable power of phage.

Polymicrobial library

World class, rapid phage identification and isolation methods, proven against antimicrobial resistant strains, slow-growing environmental bacteria and strict anaerobes. Highly purified and curated broad-spectrum library of clinically relevant strains of bacteria and phage.


Well-developed and proven methods in isolating, screening and qualifying highly virulent phages, to ensure the development of effective cocktails that overcome resistance.


Scale up phage production, and the development of assays to ensure the highest production standards, able to support GMP production.


Unique and patented method of formulation, stabilising phage, and irreversibly attaching them to substrates. A truly novel formulation technology, that allows the development of products at a mass scale.

Our Pipeline


Advancing next generation antibiotics to revolutionise human health, combat drug-resistant infections, and ensure a healthier future.


Innovating and delivering next generation antibiotics for crucial roles in safeguarding animal health, enhancing disease resilience, and preserving ecosystems.